About Us

InterSpace Systems is a group of working engineers cumulating over 60 years of experience with advanced manufacturing, airfoil design, unmanned systems, development of high pressure liquid rocket motors and gas turbine turbo-machinery. Our goal is to provide low cost systems and integrated launch and recovery solutions for unmanned aerial systems.


Left to right: Joel Perez (Founder), Seth Hahn (Design/Energy), Kevin Willett (UAV systems), Peter Himmerich (Chief- Operations/Control systems)

Mike1 Tim_1 Scott_W

Left to right: Mike Marando(Rocketry/Photography), Tim Hollman (Design/Development/UAS Pilot) , Scott Warwick (System design, Advanced Manufacturing)

We currently are a start-up company located in San Diego with founders throughout the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego region.

InterSpace Systems provides services that promote the utilization of low cost, individual design and development.