Engineering Analysis, Blockchain, and System Architecture Consultants

Licensed Professional Engineers in Mechanical Thermal Fluid Systems with expertise in

  • Analysis & Mechanical Design
  • Blockchain Applications and Technology
  • System Architectures, Testing and Validation
  • Turbo Machinery and Propulsion (Air and Space)
  • Unmanned system development

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Rapid Prototyping and Design 

Experts in additive manufacturing, analysis, and design provide low cost prototyping with accelerated test and deployment schedules.

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Professional Drone, Aviation, and Aerial Services

InterSpace System provides FAA Certified Pilots for range of applications

  • Development and Test of new systems and architectures
  • Unmanned services
  • High Altitude Systems
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airspace use authorizations

FAA licensed manned operations available upon request

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Our mission is to provide safe and agile aerospace engineering solutions.

High altitude image
Large fire north of Los Angeles – Captured at ~80,000 ft

We are a small company of talented engineers based in San Diego with founders throughout the Greater Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego regions.  Our unique and agile skill-sets allow us to provide analysis and solutions to large aerospace firms as well as startups.