Engineering consulting – Aerospace, Astronautical & Mechanical

Flight of Custom drone
Successful test and data capture of unique multi-rotor system

Engineering Analysis and Aerospace Design specializing in propulsion and unmanned architectures

  • Drone design, applications and communication
  • Design to Cost
  • Aerial Photography and Communication
  • High Altitude access and surveillance

Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Direct Metal Laser Sintering ImageLaser sintering machine for metal (DMLS, SLM, SLS) using modern additive technologies.

InterSpace Systems can provide guidance on design for additive manufacturing as well as additive component fabrication.

Deployment, Track & Recovery of UAS systems

Interspace Systems can deploy, monitor and recover a variety of unmanned systems (high altitude balloons, rockets, Mulitrotors etc…).

Hab Hub Predictor Map Imagehabhub predictor map

For high altitude balloon tools & predictor visit:

United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations for unmanned free balloons can be found here

Operations by InterSpace Systems are approved by the FAA, with FAA certified pilots, and comply with all federal guidelines.