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Stemming from graduate studies, InterSpace Systems was created to be part of the emerging commercial space industry (Google Loon, DJI, StratoStar, etc..). Large Aerospace companies have worked with national governments to invoke large scale space ventures which have been historically high cost, highly reliable, state of art programs.

While these programs are essential to national interests, smaller “agile” companies like InterSpace Systems can utilize off-the-shelf consumer electronics to provide architecture with “niche” capabilities at significantly lower prices. These systems are designed to provide situation awareness to local municipalities during times of needs.

Our Story

High Altitude Burst Image
High Altitude Image immediately after balloon break

InterSpace Systems is a group of working engineers culminating over 60 years of experience with advanced manufacturing, airfoil design, unmanned systems, development of high pressure liquid rocket motors and gas turbine turbo-machinery. Our goal is to provide low cost systems and integrated launch and recovery solutions for unmanned aerial systems.

Joel L. Perez P.E.


Founder & CEO

Joel has over 14 years of experience in research, development, and design of rocket engines, turbomachinery and combustion systems.  He is fluent in precision aerospace design, development test & analysis, additive manufacturing, and holds a M.S. Graduate degree in Astronautical Engineering from USC and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from UCSD.  Joel formulated InterSpace Systems to provide consultation, rapid development, and operation of unmanned systems and architectures.  He is licensed as a California Professional Engineer, FAA Single Engine Instrument Pilot, Small UAS Remote Pilot, and was recently inducted as an Associate Fellow into the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) for his contributions in the aerospace & astronautics fields.

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